Projex |01   The Beat of the Heart

In this novel, I want to explore the three absolutes: Life, Death, and Love.  The story centers around a young mortician who understands the value of life through the deceased.  He lives with his brother, a former basketball star, who now feels there's very little left in life.  The story also introduces a young woman, a salesperson of caskets, who feels that life is only for the here and now.  Together, the three lives intersect to find out true living exists between each beat of the heart.  My plan is to have this completed in 2015

Projex |02 Duke Denim #4 -
The Troublesome Troupe

This currently unnamed story continues the tales of Big City Detective Duke Denim.  In this story, the felonious follies taking place at the Pennypincher's Flying Circus and Spectacles leads Duke closer to the ultimate showdown between him and the crimelord, Hamilton Underbelly. UPDATE:  Book is being prepared for completion.  Working on cover art now.  This one is going to bring the house down.  Coming in fall 2015

Projex |03 Brotherman Graphic Novel:Revelation 
 The long awaited origin story of Brotherman.  This tale of conviction, faith, strength, and justice arrives on MLK Weekend 2016.  Another smash collabo between Dawud Anyabwile, Guy A. Sims, and Brian McGee.  Pre-order your copy here
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